Responsible Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System is based upon a philosophy that we are accountable for our actions and their implications, and conforms with the ISO14000 series.

All of our activities will be carried out so as to protect the health and safety of all employees, customers, contractors, public and the community whilst paying due regard to the protection and management of the environment. The primary goal of our Environmental Management System is to maintain the highest and most practical environmental standards.

Key objectives are :

  • Meet and exceed all legal and statutory regulatory requirements for environmental management and protection
  • Maintain an awareness at all levels of Nites Electricals’ organisation of the responsibility to ensure the environment is protected
  • Implement and maintain management systems, processes, programs, and procedures to ensure the environment is protected
  • Provide an environmental emergency response program for unforeseen events
  • Provide environmental training for employees where applicable
  • Regularly review Nites Electricals’ activities to identify and assess the environmental ipact of these activities.